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Nate Garvis

In a world marked by ambiguity, volatility and unknowability, how do you chart your success?  When the marketplace is crowded and you risk being just another commodity, how do you become “The Only”? With professionally angry agitators waiting for your slightest misstep, how can you prevent the crises before the bad news even starts?

Former vice president of government affairs and senior public affairs officer for Target Corporation, Nate Garvis has stood at the crossroads of nearly every sector over the three decades: an era marked by dramatic transformation.  And it is at those intersections where he honed his nationally recognized skills of effectively applying value producing influence with the communities that mean most to your success, whether that is your customer, your own employees, regulators, influencers, the media or the community at large.

A popular speaker, lecturer, outside strategic counsel and now the author of Naked Civics: Strip Away the Politics to Build a Better World, Garvis engages audiences with thoughtful, entertaining and decidedly optimistic ideas and designs that leaders across society are applying right now.

As a senior fellow and design counsel at Babson College, the global leader in entrepreneurial education, Garvis unveils the mindset and methodology of navigating change and creating resilient ventures whether you run a startup or a Fortune 100 business.

With his framework of the Naked 8, the imperatives that every successful community builds upon, you will understand how to leap frog the current state of corporate social responsibility and into the future of creating value by being socially relevant.

And with years of deep understanding of how societies regulate businesses well beyond the letter of the law, Garvis will share the designs of pre-regulation; activities that not only create greater operational freedom, but also grow your reputation and strategic relationships along the way.

If you are going to be successful these days, you can’t just respond to the marketplace.  You need to be relevant as defined and determined by your strategic stakeholders.  While they may be beyond your control, they certainly can be enrolled through your influence.  Nate Garvis will show you how.