One concept Naked Civics is based on is using influence as a power to create outcomes that government regulation alone cannot accomplish. To a similar degree, many of the world’s biggest companies are making a bold move, not because a law states that they must, but because they want to make a difference. These major influencers are regulating themselves. This article in Green Biz shows that many multinational companies are opting to go with suppliers with significantly low carbon footprints. In fact, 30 percent of American multinationals say they’d even go so far as to drop suppliers because of an unflattering footprint. Why are they doing that? Because increasingly the people who have the greatest impact on corporate prosperity – customers, employees, and investors – are rewarding those businesses who choose to be relevant in this manner: relevant not just by what they make, but what they “mean” through their behavior and influencing the behavior of others. (more…)