Top 10 Green Culture Victories

On April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans – one in every ten Americans at the time – stood up to demand a cleaner and healthier environment. This first Earth Day was one of the largest grassroots demonstrations in the nation’s history and it worked. It was a wonderful moment of activism that launched not just an environmental political movement, but the birth of a new culture that has built environmental values in ways that both honors the legitimate anger of that day 43 years ago and productively gets beyond limiting our possibilities by staying in that place of agitation. (more…)


When you hear the term “design,” you likely think of things like logos, Photoshop and well-oiled machines. What you likely do not think of is government. But, whether it’s good or bad, our government is a design.  We know the blueprint of our government as the Constitution and Bill of Rights of course.  And lately it would seem that, like so many other institutions in our country, our government is failing us.  But what if it isn’t the design of government, but rather the design of our politics that is to blame?  We’re not used to thinking of politics as separate and apart from our governmental institutions, but separating the two just may lead to a better ability to redesign and make what’s wrong, right while not messing with what’s actually working.   (more…)