Whoever started the trend that “going to get your education” was synonymous with going to school, should be kicked in the ass.

This sentence resonates with me for two reasons. First, it’s funny. Second, it’s spot on. It’s from a piece on Under30CEO.com titled Finding the Education of an Entrepreneur. Before I go any further I’d like to note that I myself attended college and even graduate school, along with many of my fellow entrepreneur friends. So, this is no bash on higher education; it’s simply a statement that reflects the reality of a world that has changed a whole hell of a lot since I sat in a classroom. And that statement is that now, in the 21st century, getting your education is a whole lot more than sitting in a sterile lecture hall with 79 other sleepy students while your professor drones on about the education they’re trying to give you.  Simply put, education just can’t be that passive in a world that not only has changed dramatically … it is changing constantly. (more…)