Back in September I wrote a post called The (Re)New-Age Consumer about Patagonia’s bold public suggestion: Don’t buy Patagonia products new unless you need to. Buy them used if possible.

I thought this outdoor clothing giant’s declaration was cutting-edge and risky, in the way that businesses ought to be risky. And because of that, it didn’t surprise me that this week on the very first day that companies in California could make the jump from a regular corporate status (as a C Corp) to a Benefit Corporation (B Corp), Patagonia switched over. (more…)


As an avid news junkie, I come across surprising things all the time.  My latest find, however, goes way beyond the expected– it’s almost preposterous (in the best way possible). Patagonia, the wildly successful outdoor clothing company and already a leader in integrated product sustainability, is charting new territory by suggesting that consumers buy its products used. Used! In other words, “Don’t buy my new products unless you really need them.” (more…)