Pill Popping the Right Way

A pal of mine is launching an elegant design of important social impact and I’d like to devote this week’s blog to brag about it. A doctor of significant accomplishment (and a hell of a nice guy to boot), Rajiv Shah has created an app that helps patients manage the pharmaceutical aspects of their health care. This is no small issue as the use of pharmaceutical technology has grown exponentially, and while many talk about the overuse of medications, there’s also a solid argument to be made that pills are often taking the place of more invasive and expensive alternatives like surgery. Not a bad thing. (more…)

Great Product + Great Story = Great Reasons to Open your Wallet

There are many reasons why I love being associated with Babson College’s Social Innovation Lab and my treasured friend Cheryl Kiser who runs that sand box of goodness. But one of the greatest things about that place is who you get to intersect with.

Earlier this week I had the immense pleasure of being introduced to Imran Khoja. Not only is he an extremely intelligent person, but he is also creating a path of great wisdom by launching a company that brings to life the Naked Civics approach of designing a better world rather than just trying to legislate it. I so enjoyed speaking to him and hearing about his work that I feel compelled to pass it on and enroll you in his community. (more…)


Yes, another shoe story.  But just like my recent post on Oliberté, the little shoe maker that could, this story goes deeper than the sole.  And this isn’t about some little shoe company, but rather, this inspiring story comes from one of the biggest of them all. Nike, the king of athletic footwear announced a newsworthy product yesterday, and it’s not what eager athletes would necessarily anticipate. In collaboration with Össur, the Icelandic producer of prosthetic technologies, Nike has come up with a new shoe for athletes with prosthetic limbs.  That’s right: a shoe for those without a foot. (more…)


Once again, GOOD Magazine has introduced me to a mouth-watering social innovation. This time it’s about dining out. We’re all quite aware of the fact that restaurant portions have grown significantly over the decades, right? And the result is a barbell of extremes: we are eating way more than is healthy for us or we end up wasting criminal amounts of food in a world where there are way too many that experience food insecurity each day. (more…)